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Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is in the twilight of his stint as the Governor of Lagos state.

Mixed opinions have been expressed about his performance as the administrator of Nigeria’s seat of commerce.

Interestingly, he has been recognized consistently as Nigeria’s Best-Performing governor. However, all that would change dramatically when it became public knowledge that he had fallen out of favour with the supreme authorities in Lagos state.

Today, Governor Ambode is exiting the reins of authority in Lagos, not necessarily for his lack of performance – but primarily for his sin of not “being a party man”.

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Today, instead of bowing out in a blaze of glory, he is exiting the state as a subject of scorn.

Indeed, like every public administrator, he failed in some areas. However, and unarguably, he scored high in certain areas especially in the transport sector.

Autojosh highlights some projects in the transport sector that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would be remembered for in Lagos state.

The restriction of the FRSC and VIO From Lagos State Roads

In May 2017, Akinwunmi Ambode ordered the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) to stay permanently off Lagos state-owned roads . The Governor also instructed the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to limit its operations to the fringes and highways and stay clear from the main streets of the State.

The governor gave the order due to widespread public complaints about the high-handedness and over-zealousness of some VIOs and FRSC officials.

Second Ojota Pedestrian Bridge

In March 2017, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode commissioned the second pedestrian Bridge at Ojota, in Kosofe Local Government area of Lagos state.

The second bridge became pertinent following the construction of the barricade of the median around Ojota which puts enormous pressure on the old bridge. The bridge was constructed with a combination of steel and concrete.

Cleanup Of Illegal Motor Parks Under Bridges

In September 2017, the Ambode-led government announced the commencement of the clamp down on illegal bus and cab parks under bridges in the state. The initial places to be affected included the Ojuelegba and Ikeja Bridges.

According the government, “activities of these illegal motor parks are contributing to the traffic gridlock across the state. “No responsible and responsive government will tolerate criminal activities being carried out by hoodlums and miscreants around these illegal parks.

TBS Bus Terminal

One of the first major transport infrastructure to be constructed by the Ambode administration is the imposing Tafewa Balewa Square (TBS) bus terminal at Onikan, Lagos Island.

The TBS bus terminal is a clear mix of elegance and functionality.

The Bus terminal features a very sophisticated sitting arena, dedicated driveways, ticketing booths for various destinations, CCTV coverage, Taxi Park, large screen display, covered stands, terminal offices, etc.

Ikeja Bus Terminal

Perhaps one of Ambode’s most notable achievement is the construction of the ultra-modern Ikeja Bus terminal. The beautiful facility was designed to be part of the infrastructures for the Lagos Bus Reforms Project.

The bus terminus will serve as the hub of all transport activities within the Ikeja Zone. It was designed to serve over 50,000 passengers daily and providing access to many destinations including Ojota, Oshodi, Maryland, Obalende, Agege, Ogba, CMS, Iyana-Ipaja, etc.

The Ikeja Bus Terminal features facilities befitting of a modern bus terminus. These facilities include Waiting Areas, Ticketing Booth, Loading Bays, Information Centre, Food Court, Taxi Rank, Passenger Convenience, Operations Control Centre and an ATM Gallery amongst many others.

The Ikeja Bus Terminal is currently being remodeled to integrate more functionalities.

Oshodi Transport Interchange

For decades, Oshodi had the reputation as a filthy, noisy and crime-prone part of Lagos state.

Today, Oshodi is being rebranded by Governor Ambode administration. The aim is to give it an ultra-modern outlook. The project involves the construction of a Transport Interchange. The Interchange will aggregate all 13 city and interstate motor parks in Oshodi into 3 multi-storey bus terminals.

The three floor terminals, which will be 30, 000 square metres for each terminal, will take care of the parking and passenger demand.

The terminals would have standard facilities including waiting area, loading bays, ticketing stands, driver lounge, parking areas, rest rooms, etc.

It would also come with accessible walkways and pedestrian bridges and a state-of-the-art sky-walk to link all the three terminals, introduction of bus lanes, lay-bys, introduction of green parks to soften the environment and proper waste management strategy, fencing, street lighting and a dedicated security team for Oshodi including surveillance tower, CCTVs, etc.

Ajah (Jubilee) Flyover

In May 2017, Governor Ambode administration constructed and commissioned the Ajah flyover bridge. The bridge christened “Jubilee Flyover” represents a creative solution by his administration to address the perennial traffic associated with the areas, as well as boost economic activities in both axes.

The Jubilee flyover bridge is intended to eliminate the traffic jam usually experienced on the Lekki-Epe expressway, while the Freedom and Admiralty roads, which he also commissioned, would provide an alternative route to the Lekki/Ikoyi Bridge, thereby, easing traffic at Lekki Phase 1.

Berger Bus-stop & Pedestrian Bridge

Prior to the Ambode administration, Berger Bus stop was notorious for its severe state of chaos and disorganization. But this changed when Governor Ambode rehabilitated the popular bus-stop and constructed a resplendent pedestrian bridge across that axis of Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Several lay-bys and slip roads were also constructed there. All these, served in easing the flow of traffic and congestion on that axis.

The reconstructed Berger Bus stop was commissioned on May 2017.

Construction of Slip Roads And Lay-Bys In Traffic Prone Roads

Determined to rid Lagos state of its legendary road traffic gridlocks, Governor Ambode set out to construct slip roads and laybys on notorious traffic prone roads in the state.

These action proved to be an effective antidote to traffic bottleneck in some roads in Lagos.

Places where slip roads and lay-bys were constructed enjoyed a new regime of free flow of traffic.

Some once notorious location include the Berger bus stop, Oworoshoki bus stop, etc.

Abuelegba Flyover Bridge

The Abuelegba Flyover is a popular landmark that Governor Ambode will be remembered for. The flyover bridge was intended to be an antidote to the perennial traffic gridlock associated with the area.

The flyover is also intended to improve connectivity with the neighnouring state in order to facilitate economic growth and generally improving the lives of residents in the area.

The Abuelegba Flyover was commissioned in May 2017.

Airport Road Reconstruction

Though a Federal road, the reconstruction project of Airport road at Mafoluku in Lagos state is being handled by the Ambode-led Lagos state government.

The Oshodi-Airport road is a gateway into the country. It connects Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos to the Oshodi axis of the state.

Tragically, for decades, that stretch of road remained a national disgrace.

From one administration to the other, the road was left in an atrocious condition – one that begged for urgent attention in order to salvage the nation’s image.

However, in May 2017, the federal government finally gave the approval for the Lagos State government to commence a total reconstruction of the road.

In the spirit of the regeneration and urbanization of Lagos state by the Ambode-led administration, work begun on the project in September 2017.

The project is intended to transform the road from 4 lanes to 10 lanes from Oshodi to the International Airport.

The road will also feature an interchange and flyover that would drop commuters to the Local Airport.

Agege Flyover Bridge

One of the many legacies that posterity will remember Governor Ambode for is the Agege-Pen Cinema flyover and bridge ramp.

The flyover and bridge ramp, which is currently under construction, is located at the Agege bus stop-Pen-Cinema axis.

The flyover and bridge ramp is designed to unlock gridlock at the Agege-Iju-Pen-Cinema axis.

The 1.4km Pen Cinema flyover and bridge ramp will run from Agege down to the Abeokuta Expressway. It is a key intervention strategy by the Ambode administration to address the perennial traffic often associated with the area.

Construction of 100 Bus Stops & Shelters

In line with the determination of the Ambode administration to change the transportation landscape with infrastructure that would support the commuting needs of over 20 million inhabitants of the state, there is an ongoing construction of over 100 bus stops and shelters around the state.

These transport infrastructure are also part of the grand design in the state Bus Reform Programme expected to redefine the commuting experience of Lagos commuters.

Wire-Mesh Median Fences on Expressway

Shortly after his election as the governor of Lagos state, Gov. Ambode approved the installation of Wire-mesh fencing on medians of major expressways around Lagos state.

Installing Wire-mesh Fencing became necessary in order to ensure safety and orderliness on the roads. Hawkers activities are limited on highways, , pickpockets, robbers and other criminals who emerge from nowhere and snatch valuables from unsuspecting pedestrians before disappearing into their hideouts have also being prevented from operating easily.

Traffic Challenge Using Outdoor Advertising Solution

The administration of Governor Ambode deployed an innovative strategies at traffic control. LATIS – Lagos Traffic Information System – is a solution designed to ease traffic congestion in Lagos state.

The LATIS infrastructure consists of Traffic Arches and Sensors strategically located at major traffic decision points providing real time traffic updates /route information.

Commuters will receive these information through 20 strategically placed digital screens.

Commissions 21 Road Networks In Alimosho, Near Lagos-Ogun Border

In April 2018, Governor Ambode commissioned 21 road networks in Alimosho Local Government Area. These road networks are located at the Lagos-Ogun boundary network.

The project include the construction of the new Ikola Bridge (Old Obasanjo Bridge). Other part of the newly commissioned road network include the AIT/Raypower Road. This road was upgraded from a single carriage to a dual carriage road. This was done with the aim of improving its traffic capacity. This road is also intended to receive and distribute traffic through Oko-Filling, Old Otta Road, Osenatu, Illo, etc.

Statewide Construction of Ultra-Modern Bus terminals

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has left no one in doubt about his desire to transform the mass transit infrastructure in Lagos state.

These transport infrastructure are also part of the grand design in the state Bus Reform Programme expected to redefine the commuting experience of Lagos commuters.

Some of the modern Bus Terminals currently being constructed include Okota, NAHCO, Ajah and the Agege Bus terminals.

These are all part of the Gov. Ambode plan to rid the state of notorious yellow commercial buses more popularly referred to as “Danfo”.

Introduction of the 5000 New BRT Bus Project

In early 2017, the Ambode-led administration inaugurated the Bus Reform Initiative (BRI).

Part of the BRI project is the injection of least 5000 new BRT buses on different routes in Lagos before the end of 2018. This is part of the plan to phase out the regime of the infamous danfos from the streets of Lagos.

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